A couple of geeks pretends to do something usefull while sleeping at work. At the moment it is only Alex [ dr {bolsen} ] and Nicky, but proboably more people join us later.

What is all about ? Just some of our thoughts and researches and unexpected discoveries.


9 Responses to About

  1. Jon says:

    Hey guys great work. I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the direction of some resources for Blackberry. I want to make a theme from Bottom up. What I am trying to find out if the codes used for the .thm files in Plazmic theme creator so I can build a base .thm then code and create .cod and .alx files. I like being unique and I like coding I just haven’t been able to figure out the coding they use for the files no matter what I’ve tried it’s come out just ASCII characters nothing readable I’ve even tried using HEX codes… Any help would be greatly appreciated! If we manage to do this we could go down in history as far as theme’s and layouts for Blackberry’s. I am currently using a Blackberry Pearl with T-mobile Italy software… So if you need any files to help let me know.

  2. Sergey Demyanov says:

    I’m very interested in digging the BB platform because of some closed APIs.
    I cannot manage PIN messaging operations to be done through the code.
    Can you help me decompiling messenger cod file to get closer to PIN protocol or some PIN messenger API.
    With a hope,

  3. Vanja Milosevski says:

    Didn’t get from the blog whether you actually built the decompiler?

    If you did, can you send it over please.

    Thanks a million.

  4. Thierry Vezina says:


    Very interesting blog. Is it possible to get a copy of the cod decompiler even if it is not completely done.

    Thanks alot

  5. Oon says:

    Hi Alex [ dr {bolsen} ] and Nicky,

    how about reverse engineering the Javaloader.exe?
    i need to wipe my handheld without handshake connection like javaloader.

    thanks for the information ..

    ps: where i can send an email to you?

  6. Stano says:

    are you able to modify net_rim_bb_videorecorder.cod ?
    I’d like to use it on BB 8100 Pearl, as with official version it works only in sepia color mode, but I think if Pearl is able to make normal photo it have to be able to make normal video too. I think there is some intentional mistake.


  7. Rayborn says:

    Guys, I am also working on the decompiling and browsing of the BB I was interested in working together. I have a complete NV map of just about any blackberry made but am still working on the modification of the files to allow “flashing” them back onto the blackberry without receiving errors. Let me know if you are interested in working together on a project with the BB’s

  8. Evancb says:

    Opening up BBBold WiFi – Looking for help is writing a WiFi scanner for the BB8000 and BB9000/Bold while bypassing the retrictive API.

  9. john ventrimos says:

    Please email me, whitecamaroz28 [a///t]hotmail.com. I have a profitable blackberry job for you.

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