Call for a new name for cod decompiler

I have googled and suddenly found that coddec name is already used by a number of different projects so we definitely need to find a different name for our work. All suggestions are welcome.


8 Responses to Call for a new name for cod decompiler

  1. fritzfs says:

    bbd (BlackBerryDecompiler) or bbcd (BlackBerryCodDecompiler) ? ;)

  2. Dr. {B0lsen} says:

    thanks for that, but unfortunately the same story: both abbreviations are widely used. The idea is to make a name unique as far as possible, however it is just my vision. I still don’t know what Nicky thinks about that.

  3. fritzfs says:

    bbdwun (BlackBerry Decompiler With Unique Name) ? ;)

    I hope POC code will be available soon

  4. Prozak says:

    CSC Cracking Salted Cod.

  5. DiABOLiCAL says:

    How about decomcod? google only finds 1 result.

  6. kucing-- says:

    just share it :D

  7. karlost says:

    pgtc – pop goes the COD
    cbrkr – COD breaker
    uncod (United Nations Conference on Desertification…NOT!)

  8. Torin Walker says:

    How about ‘decodpiler’? Catchy, eh? Though, it sounds like “decompiler” as uttered by someone with a terrible cold.

    Or, ‘codfish’, as in fishing for cod (files).

    or, ‘decoder’ (de-cod-er)

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