Progress update

Just a brief update of our progress. The project has got a working name “coddec” which is from “cod decompiler”. So far coddec does the following things:

– Restores a full folders structure similar to the original jar file

– Decompiles classes, fields, methods headers. There is an issue with fields having default value. We actually couldn’t map a default value to a corresponded field. At the moment we have no solution for this problem.

– Methods bodies are disassembled only, not decompiled. The reason for that is that RIM uses own opcodes which are totally different from the standard jvm opcodes. But a good news is that we know how to resolve this issue. The only inconvenience we would need an additional time to write a conversation module.



7 Responses to Progress update

  1. dELTA says:

    Very cool, looking forward to your further progress! Keep up the good work!

    And if anyone reading this is interested in joining the Blackberry reversing fun, come join DrBolsen and us in the discussions at:

  2. dmess0r says:

    It is great to see forward progress on what appears to be an arduous task. drbolsen, will your (previously name) cod decoder be released? I am sure there are countless .cod’s which need to be reversed ;)

    Take it easy.

    – dmess0r

  3. Dr. {B0lsen} says:

    the output of coddec in its current development state
    Will we release coddec in current state – no.
    But we encourage everybody interested in coddec to contact us via e-mail that we can discuss how we can work together to bring final release to live.

  4. Al says:

    Please send me the link to download coddec.

  5. vijay says:

    Please send me the link to download coddec.

  6. Brandon Taylor says:

    I am really intrested in the current state of CodDec. I am a developer and am willing to work on the project. I have a lot of intrest in this project as it aides in possibly enabling the GPS on the Verizon 8830.

  7. stephan says:

    i would like to help to finalze coddec. how can I help? what’s open?

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