It is over now

Hi everybody,

I have been apologising so many times for delays but this time is the last time. Because yes, we did it! COD format is documented until the ultimate byte.

We are working on a decompiler so we expect that a first proof of concept would be ready in two-three weeks.


P.S. Although it is a bit late, but anyway Marry Christmas, Happy New Year and stuff for everybody.


2 Responses to It is over now

  1. fritzfs says:

    Great job drbolsen!
    I hope you’ll publish your discovery on RCE forum!

  2. dELTA says:

    Very cool, looking forward to your further progress! Keep up the good work!

    And if anyone reading this is interested in joining the Blackberry reversing fun at the RCE forum, come join DrBolsen and us in the discussions at:

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