COD Template


Quickly, as I have promised I am publishing a template for 010 Editor. I like the 010 because it allows quickly create “C” like data structures and apply them to a binary file. The result is a nice looking and easy to navigate data structures tree, the different structures highlighted by different colors, fast access to all data fields and posibility to view instantly data in the different formats – hex, numeric, text, and etc.

Copy and save the template inside of the 010 template folder, you may need to change file extenion to “bt”, although I think it is not necessary. Then run the template against your COD file and enjoy.

Please note 1. Some COD files are not exactly COD files, but two o more COD files zipped together. In this case you need decompress them first using Winrar or similar tool.

Please note 2. I was able to identify more data structures, but particular fields inside of data structure still need to be resolved. I am going to do that soon.

Please note 3. Any help and advice are always welcome.


3 Responses to COD Template

  1. Sph1nct3r says:

    Thanks for your awesome contributions. Your work has been posted here:


  2. kuhasu says:

    Very well!

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