Napoleon’s plans

Hrrrrr, changed this post an uncountable number of times. Finally I am able to understand why a process of writing even a simple article may be a non-trivial task when you don’t have a clear idea what you actually want to write about.

So we need a plan. Something that is basic and simple. Probably just to put some order in our own heads.

My top two:

  • vulnerabilities and hacks [I promise that it would be at least fresh :)]
  • reverse engineering [my favorite, but please don’t expect something extraordinary – I am not a guru]

Hope Nicky’s fantasy is more creative than mine … 

This is going to be fun :)


2 Responses to Napoleon’s plans

  1. Nicky says:

    OK. So let’s make a plan. We can do that. Dream, then plan.

  2. Dr. {B0lsen} says:

    Nicky, you have administrative rights so you can extend my topics if you want or post your own as well. Topics – whatever of your choice.

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