Blackberry COD file format

July 26, 2006

COD file is a proprietary file format developed by RIM. Generally speaking it is some kind of modified Java .class file. I could not find any information around except this resource , but unfortunately there was no clue how to dig into codfile format as well. So I had a quick look on it by myself and here is a brief description of what I could find so far.

A codfile contains four sections: header, code segment, data segment and tail. A header structure is quite simple:

typedef struct { // codfh
int    flashid;
uint  section_number; //always 0
uint  vtable_pointer; //always 0
time_t timestamp;
uint  user_version;
uint  fieldref_pointer;
ushort  maxtype_list_size;
short    reserved; //always 0xFF
int        data_section; //always 0xFFFF
int        module_info; //always 0xFFFF
ushort  version;
ushort  code_size;
ushort  data_size;
ushort  flags;


The next section is a code segment it starts from offset 0x2C and has length from Code segment size field, then goes a data
segment with size from field Data segment size and then a tail.

Format of information in Code and Data segments is still required some work, but at least I have a something to begin with.


What’s in a name?

July 6, 2006

Well, I like the name, but maybe the sub-title could be a little more subtle. Something along the lines of “Security Discussion Blog”, or “Idea Generator”. I am curious, it’s true, but paranoid.

 Added later:

You know, I am happy to just to work on some stuff and then publish. This publish while we work idea is a little scary. I am so shy!

Napoleon’s plans

July 6, 2006

Hrrrrr, changed this post an uncountable number of times. Finally I am able to understand why a process of writing even a simple article may be a non-trivial task when you don’t have a clear idea what you actually want to write about.

So we need a plan. Something that is basic and simple. Probably just to put some order in our own heads.

My top two:

  • vulnerabilities and hacks [I promise that it would be at least fresh :)]
  • reverse engineering [my favorite, but please don’t expect something extraordinary – I am not a guru]

Hope Nicky’s fantasy is more creative than mine … 

This is going to be fun :)

Not another “Hello World!”

July 6, 2006


Mmmmm, just got this blog and obviously decided to play a bit around. What can I say? A typical “Hello World!” situation. Hopefully it won’t be another “whoo-whoo-forget-forever” initiative.

Let see what Nicky says …

Added later:

Well, it seems like she likes the idea. So an initial approval has been received and we are going on air! Bless us! Amen :)